Ideation and Prototyping

Week 1

The Assignment:

Come up with a question, brainstorm game ideas, and prototype a simple 'toy' version of one idea to answer that question.

We started with a long brainstorming session, starting with a couple ideas we had over winter break, and building on them to make a long list of our ideas. Once we were happy with the list, we went through and gave each idea a personal score. Of the ideas with the highest combined scores, we then discussed a little more and decided on a few top ideas to keep considering.

We were both very attached to the idea of Cowboy Kitty Milk Saloon, so our "toy" prototypes were loosely inspired by tasks you might perform as a barkeep in an old west saloon. The question we came up with was how can we incentivize a player to perform a menial task in a way that makes it fun?

Screenshot of Page's week 1 prototype'

Page's prototype

In this prototype, the player has to wipe dirt off a wooden bar. The hand with the towel is controlled with the mouse, and the player earns points for each speck of dust they wipe away. The slower the player moves the towel, the more "damage" they do to each speck.

In our in-class playtests, we do 6-8 rounds, each 8 minutes long, in which a random classmate plays our prototype, narrates their thoughts and experiences, and gives general feedback to the developer. In our playtesting of this prototype, we learned a lot! A few key takeaways were:

Week 2

Week 3